Current Research

Human Microbiome

The focus of our research is to better understand human-microbial interactions and how that can be used to improve human health in various ways. This includes the development of better bioinformatic methods to process and integrate multi-omic data to aid in biological interpretation. In addition, we are interested in how the human microbiome is altered by life changes such as age, diet, and exericse, and the implications of these on various diseases and therapeutic treatments.

We host the Integrated Microbiome Resource, a sequencing and bioinformatics service, which allows us to collaborative on many research projects. Several of these are listed below.

Specific projects:

  • Exercise and the gut microbiome
  • Drug metabolism by the gut microbiome
  • Relating microbial functional to taxonomic changes (PICRUSt 2.0)
  • Human Microbial Interaction Knowledge Base
  • Leveraging new sequencing technologies for improved genome assembly

Collaborative projects: