Our Team

Current Lab Members

Morgan G. I. Langille, PhD
Canada Research Chair in Human Microbiomics
Associate Professor
Dept. of Pharmacology
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Email: morgan.langille@dal.ca
André M. Comeau, PhD
Research Associate & Lab Manager
IMR, Manager
Email: andre.comeau@dal.ca
Dhwani Desai, PhD
Research Associate
IMR, Bioinformatics
Email: Dhwani.Desai@dal.ca
Alessi Kwawukume
Research Assistant
IMR, Sequencing Technician
Email: Alessi.Kwawukume@dal.ca
Vanessa DeClercq, PhD
Research Associate
Department of Pharmacology
Email: Vanessa.De.Clercq@dal.ca
Robyn Wright, PhD
Post Doc
Department of Pharmacology
Email: Robyn.Wright@dal.ca
Nicole Allward
PhD Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Graham Gagnon)
Department of Civil and Resource Engineering
Email: nc594103@dal.ca
Ben Fisher
MSc Student
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Email: benfisher@dal.ca
Monica Alvaro Fuss
MSc Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Rob Beiko)
Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Email: malvarofuss@dal.ca
Nidhi Gohil
Research Associate
IMR, Sequencing Technician
Email: Nidhi.Gohil@dal.ca
Dylan Quinn
Research Associate
IMR, Sequencing Technician
Email: Dylan.Quinn@dal.ca

Previous Lab Members

  • Gina Filloramo, RA (2023)
  • Jacob Nearing, PhD (2022)
  • Ben Callaghan, RIM (2022)
  • Akhilesh Dhanani, RA (2022)
  • Chris Tang, MSc (2021)
  • Gavin Douglas, PhD (2020)
  • Molly Hayes, MSc (2020)
  • Alex Whynot, RIM (2019)
  • Casey Jones, MSc (2018)
  • Emily Lamoureux, MSc (2017)
  • Montse Palau de Miguel, Visiting PhD (2017)
  • Travis LeBlanc, MSc (2016)